A thousand years of venetian glass making


vetro Murano
Murano glass



The history of glass develop parallel with the history of the venetian Republic. Even before the economic renaissance after 1000, Venice was an active emporium, were prized spices and manufactured arrived from the ports of the eastern Mediterranean, connected with routes of the Far west. The venetian glass industry was part of the economic fortune of the city.

My familiars’ name belongs to the Golden Book, containing the names of those who belong to the ‘Magnificent community of Murano’ since the 15th century.

This visit to Murano will change your perspective of the island and the art of glass making and the beautiful island with the churches of Santa Maria e Donato and San Pietro Martire. Is is also possible to visit the Murano glass  museum and admire a glass master creating pieces of glass.

Santa Maria e Donato, Murano Venezia